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A Brief Update from Brazil | 2018

I have been out here at the Dunamis Farm for almost a week and it has been INCREDIBLE. I am participating in a 3 week missionary training camp called 21 project. Their goal is to gather young people that have a heart for God and equip them to bring the kingdom into the 7 spheres of society. This includes: Government, Business, Arts & Entertainment, Media & Communication, Worship, Church, Education, and Family. They have these tracks and we get to choose the one for us and then they bring in Christian leaders to speak and teach on how create reformation in society through impacting these 7 spheres with the Kingdom of God. It’s really awesome ideology but more impressive is the anointing and the fire of the Holy Spirit that falls constantly. I mean constantly. There isn’t a moment here where people aren’t getting prayed for or receiving healing, or getting a word spoken over their life. I have experienced this many times. It’s a special time here where there is a gathering of young people that truly have a desire to impact nations for Christ through strategic placement in society by Prayer and the Dunamis power of God (hence the name).

I have received healing from colds and greater strengthening in my knee along with other things that have come up. My knee has progressed more this week then it has in the past month! It’s been such a testimony to God pouring out his spirit on people that are truly hungry for him and burning to see people encounter the living God! What an amazing God we serve. He is so good to us. 

I am making friends that I know will develop into covenant relationships to advance the Kingdom. God has connected me to so many amazing people and I am receiving so much vision for my future! God has Big plans and dreams in place! 

All is well here and I am praying that I can receive the deposit that God has promised me here so that I can use this as the tools to advance his kingdom wherever I go! Praying for you all this week that you would have an encounter with the living God. 

My Missions team to Scandinavia is amazing! I already love them so much! We have such expectancy for what God is going to do there! We are believing God for amazing opportunities to share his love with those countries!

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update I haven’t had any connection to the internet! It’s very scarce to connect! 

God is moving in amazing ways! Keep your eyes Open to what he wants to do!

Love you!! 



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