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Mission Accomplished!









Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Peru, Colombia.

21 flights, 8 trains, 9 Countries, 13 weeks, 92 Days, 730 people prayed with, 26 messages preached for 1931 people, 52 testimonies shared for 2952 people, 80 times leading worship for 10,399 people, 63 salvations, 9 baptized in the Spirit, 50 confirmed healings, 312 hours served in the church, and 9 youth services for 399. Total people impacted 13,388.

To those of you who partnered with me in prayer and financial support, THANK YOU. This is what can happen when you say YES to Jesus. There are so many people that went into making this happen and its all thanks to A BIG GOD. Praise the Lord for what has take place this summer and for the Kingdom being advanced in a big way!

On my last night in Peru, we had a special service for all of the leaders in the church. I got to lead worship and hear from the pastor as he addressed some culture shifts as a church. One of the things that he talked about was a greater attention on worship and teaching the congregation HOW TO WORSHIP GOD. This was extremely special for me because that is one of my callings. I know a lot of things went into this conversation and this shift in the church, but I also know that I got the privilege of inspiring and teaching people about this very thing. This has launched a new season for this church and they will never be the same one of the pastors said “You left a fire here”. I am so excited to see how God is going to use Comunidad Cristiana de Arequipa on a worldwide scale. I have faith to see God use them to reach all the Spanish speaking nations of the world.

I am so humbled and honored that God would choose us, these dust bodies that he breathed life into, to partner with the Holy Spirit to do his work on the earth. AMAZING. God you are so incredible.

This is just the beginning, the seeds that were planted are going to yield even more fruit than this. There are 63 more citizens of heaven today then when this journey started and what encourages me is thinking about the man who shared the Gospel with Billy Graham. You never know the depth of the impact that you make.


I don’t know what else to say except that God is good and He LOVES his children. If you want to know more about my trip, hear some of the details, or testimonies in person or on the phone, please reach out I would love to share and talk with you further. If you have questions please let me know God is moving in the Earth in a big way and WE get to PARTNER with him to see it happen!

Signing off for now

- Zach


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