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Final Stretch!

Friends and family I have only 10 days left until this incredible journey from this summer comes to a close. I have been spending much time in reflection and journaling to solidify all that the Lord has done in and through me on this multi-continental trip. I have been learning this week about the importance of having an encounter with Jesus. I have been all over the world this summer and no matter where I go the most important thing remains. Introduce people to the man Jesus Christ. Share an experience about your encounter with Jesus and facilitate an introduction if they don’t know Christ. If they know Christ re-present Him to them from a new perspective. I have been studying Jesus and His time on Earth, and every time people have an encounter with Jesus they are changed forever. You see when they come face to face with Jesus the Son of God they have to make a choice to either accept or reject him. There isn’t really an in between place. An encounter with Jesus changes them and forces them to make a decision. Thats what God is calling us to do. Give people an encounter with Jesus. Jesus lives inside of you and that means that you can facilitate that encounter, weather its through prayer, word, worship, or encouragement. The Holy Spirit is PARTNERING with you to see that person saved. Give him your little yes in that moment and He will meet you and help you.

This week has been amazing, I have been working in the church on a project to record a song that I translated from Portuguese to Spanish and God has expanded the vision tremendously. We are going to professionally record the song AND do a live concert style music video. The vision is that this song and video will reach not just Peru but all of the spanish speaking word with its message of the beauty of Jesus and the burning desire in us to see His glory manifest on the Earth. Next week we are recording in the studio, and Friday we will shoot the music video. Please be praying for smooth recording and a response from the young people in the church to come to the music video!

P.S. God completely provided all the money for the professional recording at absolutely no charge to the church or any of the individuals involved.

I have one testimony that I would like to share quickly to encourage you. So our pastors have a Dog sitter that they hire when they are traveling and he ins’t saved but he takes really great care of their dogs. His name is Rodrigo and He is in his 20’s working hard to make a living. He was invited to a worship night at the pastors house and experienced the weight and glory of God’s presence but something was holding him back. That was about 2 months ago and this past week He wanted to play tennis with me, Juan, and the pastors son Danny. Danny lives in Tulsa and goes to Rhema with me and Juan. We played tennis with him in the morning and that night Danny was preaching at the young adults service. After the service Rodrigo wanted to talk with Danny and they began to talk about God and his walk with God. Danny had a word of knowledge that Rodrigo was resisting and running from God and Danny asked him why? He said that He was ashamed for the things he had done and that he was afraid of what God might ask him to do. Danny gave him the truth of the word of God and right there after service he gave his life back to Christ. Then I saw Danny calling me & Juan over to pray with them. Rodrigo wanted to get baptized in the Holy Spirit. We prayed for a few minutes and he began to cry as God’s love pour out over him. He started speaking in tongues and began rejoicing God for all that he was doing in his heart!


- Zach


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